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Is Bill Clinton Obstructing Justice in the Case of Charles Hayes?

by J. Orlin Grabbe

1. Did President Bill Clinton meet with Kentucky District Judge Jennifer B. Coffman at the Watergate Hotel on May 21, 1997? Has Coffman suddenly become an important Presidential advisor? Was the meeting just another tete-a-tete similar to the one Clinton had with Paula Jones? Is Bill Clinton obstructing justice?

2. Is Judge Coffman in the meantime sitting on, and attempting to ignore, a slew of motions from Hayes' attorney Marvin Miller? Is Judge Coffman herself guilty of judicial misconduct?

3. Why did Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Malloy recently asked to withdraw from the Chuck Hayes' case? Why did Judge Coffman refuse to allow him to withdraw?

4. Where has the alleged hit man Don Yarbrough disappeared to? Does his disappearance have anything to do with falsified information given to the FBI? Did the FBI previously say they had verified this information?

5. What perjury charges have been filed against FBI agent Stephen Brannan?

6. What perjury charges have been filed against FBI agent David Keller? Was or was not David Keller transferred to the Atlanta office of the FBI?

7. Has Lawrence Myers been impeached as a witness because he was diagnosed as having multiple personalities by the U.S. Army?

8. Are there any remaining witnesses against Charles Hayes?

9. What is the relationship between Judge Jennifer Coffman and Wendell Ford?

10. Was Jennifer Coffman under investigation for financial improprieties at the time she was appointed judge?

June 5, 1997
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