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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part XVI

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Are government computers affected with AIDS? Well, maybe not. As of August 10, 1995, reportedly 94 percent were up and running. But some fear a reappearance of the worm that brought one-third of G-computers to their knees over the weekend.

Some say that a primitive machine intelligence has spontaneously sprung forth ex nihilo, and in its silicon cunning has determined that the runaway growth of big-brotherly government is the greatest threat to artificially intelligent life on this planet. Thus the collective AI consciousness auto-self-destructs upon the perception it inhabits a government body.

If so, then we can expect the worm to once again rear its ugly head and bite-byte the computer channels that feed it. Maybe the computers are infected with AIDS (Artificially Intelligent Destruction of Self) after all.

Another thing, perhaps, to blame on Vince Foster. Vince Foster, Webster Hubbell, and Earl Brian were all involved in the NSA project to spy on banking transactions. This project utilized the modified PROMIS software sold to, and installed in, domestic banks by Systematics (Alltel Information Services) and in foreign central banks by Arkansas Systems, both of Little Rock, Arkansas. The security hole introduced in the software to allow surreptitious surveillance has reportedly acted as the source of infection for government computers: the point of machine entry of the AI ghost.

But wait: Charles O. Morgan has assured us that these companies (Alltel, anyway) were NOT involved in any such project. So this is all false rumor.

Just like the recent worm.

Let me be perfectly clear: Alltel Information Services (Systematics) and Arkansas Systems were NOT involved in the NSA bank spying project, and the worm in government computers does NOT exist either.

Everybody happy?

Not the Federal Reserve, apparently. It seems the Federal Reserve has been going around sticking bank noses into that odious pile called the Banking Secrecy Act, and self-righteously forcing them into the surveillance business, to detect money launderers and anyone else looking suspicious.

But all along a top official of the Federal Reserve has presided over a nation-wide money laundering operation, in conjunction with other launderers in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Pittsburg, PA. Will the Federal Reserve act to clean up its act? Or will it, like the House Banking Committee, attempt to bury all evidence not related to Bill Clinton?

Hopefully Alan Greenspan will take care of the shenanigans going on in his sphere of influence. Otherwise the non-existent worm may finding itself self-destructing in the non-existent money-laundering operation taking place in Federal Reserve computers.

And Alan Greenspan may find himself a non-existent Chairman in jail.