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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part VI

by J. Orlin Grabbe

In February 1995, having heard some of the malicious rumors regarding Systematics (ALLTEL Information Services), I posted on the Internet a bibliography of news articles regarding Systematics, so that researchers could see for themselves that Systematics was just another hard-working software company that provided banking software.

In that post I mentioned some of the rumors and stated:

"Of course these allegations are FALSE. However, for those who may [be] interested in doing their own private research on SYSTEMATICS, and verifying for themselves the utter FALSEHOOD of these malicious lies, I have compiled a brief bibliography on the company."

But now the heavy-handed tactics of ALLTEL Information Services (formerly Systematics) have made me reconsider. Could it be that at least some of the rumors are true?

Why did ALLTEL Information Services, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, hire a lawyer way over in San Francisco to threaten journalists who chose to investigate these rumors? Charles O. Morgan claims that "Banking and financial institutions are clients of ALLTEL. The irresponsible and false statements . . . have and will cause my client substantial damage."

Well, I assert that I know much more about the banking environment than does Charles O. Morgan. And I assert that what Charles O. Morgan claims is nonsense.

The banking environment is a communication-based environment, where rumors about companies spread quickly and die quickly. Banking people are up to their necks in rumors. Given the environment, they have to take rumors with a grain of salt until they have hopped on the phone and spoken with six colleagues who can help them evaluate the purported facts.

ALLTEL Information Services has nothing to fear from a bunch of pissant rumors that are false. But if ALLTEL Information Services has nothing to fear, then WHY HAVE THEY REPORTEDLY HIRED A NEW YORK-BASED PRIVATE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM CALLED PROUST AND KILLMAN TO MONITOR THEIR CRITICS?


Of course, such an archive probably doesn't exist. But ALLTEL Information Services can't be too sure of this.

As for myself, I personally could care less what it is that ALLTEL Information Services didn't do. I just want them to stop not doing it.

The Systematics bibliography is repeated below. But so that researchers don't waste their time, I want to relay some helpful information provided by John Steuri. John Steuri is CEO of ALLTEL Information Services (formerly Systematics), and--unlike Charles O. Morgan way over in San Francisco--is right there in Little Rock, where he can keep an eye on what's going on. In his memo to Jim Norman, dated March 16, 1995, titled "Systematics", Mr. Steuri makes the following statements:

"1. Hillary Clinton was never on ALLTEL's or Systematics Boards of Directors.

"2. Beryl Anthony was never on ALLTEL's or Systematics' Boards of Directors. Further, if Mr. Anthony was somehow related by marriage or otherwise to Mr. Vincent Foster, I was not aware of it. As I told you, I never met Mr. Foster. I was introduced to Mr. Anthony once on a trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with federal bank regulatory agencies.

"3. Until your inquiry and meeting with Joe Ford and me on March 1, 1995, we had never heard of Boston Systematics and/or Systematics Ltd. and Systematics Technology in Israel. We found them in public Dun and Bradstreet data-bases after you contacted us. We don't know who they are or what they do or who they may associate with, and we don't know their principals who are listed in D&B or others whose names you've provided me. Simply put, we have no present or past relationship with or any knowledge of these organizations.

"4. We have no present or prior relationship whatsoever with any company called E-Systems.

"5. We do not do any 'private bank-to-bank transfers' of funds or operate or provide any software for wire transfers. Our clients do transfer normal debit/credit transactions via the Fed ACH system or via the other networks like SWIFT, etc., which I listed some of in my fax to you of March 8, 1995.

"6. If Webster Hubbell has called Systematics at least 'twice' since being in Washington to obtain 'data on foreign companies', I am unaware of any such inquiries, and I have not learned of anyone here who is aware of or took any such calls.

"7. If Vincent Foster had 'several Systematics documents in his files', we are totally unaware of any such documents. Very likely, if they in fact exist, they may somehow be related to one of the more than fifty (50) other companies who use the name 'Systematics' who have absolutely no relationship whatsoever to our Company. I provided you with a list of these companies we found in public databases since you contacted us on March 1, 1995.

"8. I don't know anything about companies named Atlantic Research or Mitek?(sp). We know of Computer Sciences as we have on occasion competed with them for bank outsourcing projects.

"9. If Systematics is or was in line for any big (or small) healthcare contracts with the U.S. government as part of healthcare reform, we are totally unaware of it. We were never asked to participate in or provide input to any of the Clinton Administration's healthcare task forces, study groups, hearings, etc. Your comments and questions on that front come as a total surprise to us.

"10. We do not request or use the U.S. government or any officials of same to solicit or assist us in obtaining favorable consideration of any domestic or foreign contracts for our banking software (or bank processing services in the U.S.). If we are required by law to obtain approvals or export licenses to do business in certain countries, we will, of course, seek to obtain same from the appropriate federal agency.

"11. There is absolutely no correlation or connection whatsoever between any domestic or foreign business or contracts we've signed and the election of the current Administration in Washington or any prior Administrations."

Thanks, Mr. Steuri, for the helpful information.

I am a little confused about point #3, however. Is this the same Boston Systematics which Jim Norman, Senior Editor at Forbes, alleges is "headed by former CIA officer Harry C. Wechsler, which controls two Israeli companies that also use the name Systematics" and from which "Inslaw claims it got two inquiries in 1987 from Wechsler's Israeli company seeking marketing data on PROMIS"?

Is this the same Harry Wechsler, whose daughter is also a Senior Editor at Forbes?

Well, this is all too confusing for me. I think I'll take a break. I think I'll take my Mellon Bank credit card and treat myself to a nice dinner.

[to be continued]

Systematics Bibliography

SYSTEMATICS (composed of Systematics Financial Services Inc. and Systematics Information Services Inc. of Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as Systematics Telecommunications Services Inc.of Dallas, Pennsylvania), a private subsidiary of ALLTEL Corp. (1 Allied Dr., Little Rock, Arkansas 72202, phone 501/661-8000).

4001 N. Rodney Parham Rd.
Little Rock AR 72212-2496

TELEPHONE: 501/220-5100
SMSA: 4400; Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR

DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS: Services: Financial data processing and computer integrated systems design. Finance: Holding company.
PRIMARY SIC: 7374_Data Processing Services
SECONDARY SIC: 7373_Computer Integrated Systems Design
SPECIAL FEATURE: Private subsidiary

EMPLOYEES: 6100 SOURCE: DataSources

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: John E. Steuri; Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: William A. Hubbard; Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
HEAD OF MARKETING, SALES: Collins A. Andrews; Executive Vice President, Business Development
HEAD OF MIS, SYSTEMS: Stephen A. Carns; President and Chief Operating Officer
PERSONNEL DIRECTOR: James R. Hillis; Vice President, Human Resources


TELEPHONE: 717/674/5400

DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS: Services: Developer of prepacked telephone management software. PRIMARY SIC: 7372_Prepackaged Software

PRESIDENT: Drew P. Kelso


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