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Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying, Part VII

by J. Orlin Grabbe

It has come time to talk of Vince Foster and virtual realities.

1. One type of virtual reality immersion takes place every evening with respect to network news. One sits in a familiar chair, and watches familiar faces on familiar channels telling soothing or alarming things about other parts of the world--other realities--of which the viewer has no experience, all of it demonstrated by reality-simulating sound bites and video clips.

The virtual reality construction is good if the story sounds plausible. That is, after all, the job of a TV reporter: to tell a plausible story and to entertain our eyes by looking good while telling it.

The pulp magazine reporter, on the other hand, must tell a plausible story and keep it lurid enough to grab our imagination. Take the allegedly important question of "child porn on the Internet," recently paraded forth by Time magazine. To the computer-impaired, pedophilia might serve as a plausible explanation why anyone would sit for hours in front of a computer screen. Never mind that the neighborhood Internet-user says differently: you can't take the word of a pedophile can you?

The Internet-user, on the other hand, may believe that rock videos are a more reliable guide to reality than Time magazine. And even if he were actually interested in porn, he might find life easier by going to the local video store where a single video tape could store as much graphical inforation as could be stored on 2000 digital compact disks.

2. Another type of virtual reality is found in the banking world. Money is data stored in a computer. This money is "transferred" place to place by changing the ownership labels associated with the data. Once the computer receives the proper transfer authorization codes, the money can be "launched" from one bank to another, from one account to another. All that is necessary is that one properly emulate the reality that is important to the bank computer.

If you include all the right digital indicators that make it plausible to the computer that you are the authorized transfer person for, say, the account owned by C. Jefferson, the computer will believe you. It won't care about non-virtual reality--what C. Jefferson looks like, or what her tastes in clothes are-- nor will the computer have metaphysical doubts to cause it to hesitate in its actions before sending the money on its way. "You" are nothing more than a preselected set of codes.

In the version of Jim Norman's article Fostergate published in Media Bypass (August 1995), it is stated:

"For months, a small cadre of CIA computer hackers known as the Fifth Column, armed with a Cray supercomputer, had been monitoring Foster's Swiss account. . . . Foster was just one of the first of scores of high level U.S. political figures to thus have their secret Swiss accounts looted of illicit funds . . . . Over the past two years . . . more than $2 billion has been swept out of offshore bank accounts belonging to figures connected to the U.S. government with nary a peep from the victims or their banks."

Where did the money in the accounts come from? Jim Norman doesn't say. I assert that some of this loot is defense and arms dealing payola; some of it is drug dealing profits or payola; and some of it is payola from the floating fortune left by a forgotten oil man-- whose money moves from bank to bank in a merry-go-round to keep its location hidden from the potential heirs.

And some of the loot was paid in an attempt to allow one nation to become a VIRTUAL NUCLEAR POWER.

3. Missile launches take place in a virtual reality. Given the proper launch code, the missile will attempt to go to its programmed destination without further theological debate.

A country possessing the launch codes and also targeting information for another country's nuclear missiles could become a virtual nuclear power. (The targeting information would be as important as the launch codes. For before you launched a missile, you would first want to know where it is going. After all, it could be aimed at you.) Getting your nuclear arms this ways would have obvious economic advantages: someone else would foot the military bill.

Jim Norman states in Fostergate:

"According to a heavily-redacted New Mexico FBI counter- intelligence report, Maxwell was apparently allowed to sell two copies of PROMIS back to the U.S. weapons labs at Sandia and Los Alamos, for what Inslaw claims was a hugely inflated price of $37 million. That would have allowed Pollard, if he was using the rigged program, to obtain U.S. missile targeting data long before Israel had its own satellite capability, thus making it a real nuclear threat to the Soviet Union."

Well, yes, it could make Israel a real threat to the Soviet Union. But not from Israel's own puny missile program. Rather, Israel could be a threat to the Soviet Union because it would be able to launch our (U.S.) missiles at the Soviet Union. Being a virtual nuclear power would mean not having to say you are sorry. If a U.S. missile were launched at Russia, the defense system of Russia would, in its virtual view of the world, see the missile as coming from the U.S. It would launch a retaliatory strike against the U.S., because in its reality only the U.S. could be responsible. It wouldn't be programmed to recognize "Missile from U.S. not U.S.-intended action."

Being a virtual nuclear power means you could blackmail people in both directions: you could blackmail the targeted city or area. More importantly, you could blackmail the U.S. If the U.S. doesn't go along with your demands, why, you could involve it in a nuclear war in which you would be a spectator, not a participant. The U.S. would know it has more to lose than you do, so it would give in to your demands.

Vince Foster's NSA connections wouldn't give him access to such launch codes and targeting data. Not even with the help of Jonathan Pollard. It would take the cooperation of a small circle of friends--friends with Defense and Intelligence connections. People with access. People with authority.

Would any of the U.S.'s own Defense Department or Intelligence personnel in the 1980s or the 1990s, people other than Jonathan Pollard, have been involved in such a transfer of information to a foreign power--whether to Israel or to anyone else?

Surely not anyone connected to the account numbers KPFBMMBODB or KPFBMMBODE held at the Union Bank of Switzerland? Please, say it ain't so.

For if they were, the U.S. may now be facing its greatest National Security threat since the Cuban Missile Crisis. And that's why everyone has an interest in covering up the various threads connected to the death of Vince Foster. Some are scurrying around, hoping no one will realize how bad things are before the mess can be cleaned up. Others are scurrying around, just covering their asses. It's showdown time, with no space for killing all the remaining witnesses or burying all the remaining evidence. It's showdown time, and the money people thought they had for ammo is missing from their Swiss accounts.

The levels of disinformation have already been prepared. The first level says Vince Foster was just a political flack who committed suicide. The next one says, yeah, he was into some nasty stuff like money laundering, but had no intelligence connections. The next one beyond that allows him to work for the NSA, but not for long or in a very important position. The next one allows Foster to sell some nuclear secrets to Israel, but that was just to accelerate their own nuclear program, as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. And anyway, Foster acted alone. And so on, spin control all the way. Foster, being dead, will have nothing to say about his many potential roles.

But underneath all this the Powers That Be have begun to comprehend that some of their own have threatened their very survival. And the Powers That Be are going to clean house with a vengeance.

[To be continued]

Posted to the Internet July 24, 1995

Note added February 1999: The theme introduced here continues in Part 28. When the publisher--BZ Books--of Chris Davis' Death by Fire sent me, unsolicited, 27 copies of the book, I was somewhat puzzled. Then I read the introduction, and understood. The plot of Death by Fire had been taken from my Vince Foster posts, Part 7 (this one) and Part 28. Apparently the book copies were intended as a small bribe. I was a little annoyed by the way Davis stood things on their heads (villains becoming heroes), but otherwise he does a nice job. I also checked my notes, and saw that Chris Davis had called me once, but that involved a question about wire transfers (I have no record that I returned the call). In any case, Death by Fire is worth the read.