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Hayes claims he will sue FBI agent

by Sherry Price

Pulaski Week

Charles Hayes seemed to be in good humor Monday afternoon [December 16, 1996] despite going to the hospital the night before. He said he had been suffering with a high fever and pain in his lungs that prompted his trip to seek medical attention. Hayes said doctors advised him that he was suffering from a touch [of] pneumonia and prescribed a high dosage of antibiotics.

If Hayes is concerned that he is being held without bond on a federal charge of murder for hire it was not evident during an interview.

The purported ex-CIA operative gleefully spoke of his recent activities which he says will include bringing a lawsuit against an FBI agent and initiating an investigation into the office of U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo.

Hayes said he is suing FBI Agent David Keller for his role in Hayes' arrest on the charge that he hired a "hit man" to kill his son.

Hayes now claims he was playing a game of cat and mouse with the FBI.

"(Keller) moved two days before I could," he said. "It back fired on me, but that's all right."

Hayes said his son, John, have been embroiled in a legal battle over the estate of Hayes' mother, the late Madge Beckett.

"(Keller) lied," Hayes said. "I'm going to charge him with six counts of perjury. I have positive proof, in writing and on tape, that he lied.

"I intend to carry this forward. If necessary I'll call a special grand jury, and I can do it," Hayes explained.

"This will also serve to Mr. Keller's notice not to transfer any property before this suit is filed because he'll just hve to re-transfer it," he stated.

He said Keller is also guilty of malfeasance of office.

"Keller will be indicted. You can bet the farm on that," he said.

In addition to Keller, Hayes said he is taking on the Justice Department.

"I have a congressman and a senator calling for an investigation into Joseph Famularo's office," Hayes said. He declined to name those clamoring for the investigation.

He expressed optimism that the investigation would bear fruit.

"I have positive proof of misfeasance and malfeasance of office of the Department of Justice," he said.

Hayes was not specific about what proof he had, but indicated that it involves the charge against him which he said was manufactured.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Martin Hatfield also falls under Hayes' scrutiny.

"(Hatfield) did not do his homework and he's going to have a hard time getting his toupee on straight when I get through with him," Hayes said.

Hatfield will be prosecuting Hayes in the trial set to begin Jan. 13.

When told that several of his CIA related exploits have found their way onto the Internet, Hayes seemed surprised.

"I'm not looking for fame and publicity," he said.

He noted that the notoriety "makes it hard to be an operative."

"I've had book offers, movie offers. I've turned them all down," he said. "But, I may have to take one after this."

Hayes seems to be enjoying himself in the Laurel County Detention Center. If he's worried at all about the charge that could land him in jail for 10 years it doesn't show.

Apparently he spends a lot of his time opening his mail.

"I get at least 60 letters a day that come here to the jail, not counting what come to Nancy," he noted.

He said the contents of the letters are words of support from loyal followers.

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