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The Starr Detractors

by J. Orlin Grabbe

Clinton, who previously sent a private, threatening note to Kenneth Starr, was interviewed on "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer." Clinton said there's "a lot of evidence to support" the notion Starr is out to get him. (Does this mean Starr is doing his job?)

But Clinton cited his ex-lover Susan McDougal to the effect that Whitewater prosecutors promised to go easy on her if she would testify against both him and his wife. "They wanted her to say something bad about us, whether it was the truth or not. And if it was false, it would still be perfectly all right," Clinton said.

Well, Clinton is just squirming in his chair and starting to crack. Susan McDougal is in jail for contempt of court for refusing to answer the questions of a grand jury--not for anything Starr said or did.

Susan McDougal is, of course, the convicted felon who was recently seen on TV promoting a new trend in women's fashion: Prison Chic.

She gave an interview from her jail cell saying that under no circumstances would she bargain with dat bad ol' Kenneth Starr. But behind the scenes she has been begging to do just that. Starr, however, has no reason to talk to her. What should he? She won't answer the grand jury's questions, and has moreover appeared on the Larry King Live show lying about what happened, making up a supposed deal which never in fact existed. Her explanations regarding that money embezzled from conductor Zubin Mehta are likely to be equally fanciful.

Then there are all those blind purveyors of censored news who tell us they have "sources" who say there will be no more indictments before the November election. These sources are, of course, just setting Starr up for the charge he is "playing politics" when he announces his indictments. In other words, these "sources" want to play politics and deny voters the information they need to make an informed decision in November. But Starr has no intention of waiting until the November election to announce more indictments.

You can add Reuter's news service to the list I cited in "Five Indictments of the Mass Media":

Monday September 23

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - With six weeks to go before the election, President Clinton may avoid what some of his political advisers once feared most -- new damaging charges involving his Whitewater dealings.

Sources who have closely followed the probe by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr said they do not expect him to seek any major indictments against top Clinton administration officials before the Nov. 5 election.

Finally, the ever idiotic USA Today goes along with the charade that says Clinton has the power to pardon fellow co-conspirators. (This subject has been well researched, and Clinton no such power. Both Clinton and the Justice Department have been informed of this fact.)

President Clinton said Monday he hasn't ruled out granting pardons to convicted Whitewater felons Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal.

"I have regular meetings on (pardons) and I review those cases as they come up and after there's an evaluation done by the Justice Department," Clinton said in an interview on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer Monday. "That's how I think it should be handled."

Uh huh. And then the fabricated, but obligatory, no- indictment claim:

Whitewater prosecutors continue to indicate there will be no major indictments before the November presidential election. That is being interpreted to mean no indictments of Clinton or first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Finally, drawing a leaf from Susan McDougal's cry-baby coloring book, USA Today comes up with a new Conspiracy Theory.

The pressure on Susan McDougal is a calculated tactic by prosecutors to build a case against the Clintons by first obtaining oral evidence from both McDougals and others in Little Rock.

Once sufficient oral evidence has been collected, the Whitewater staff will try and corroborate it with documents. The strategy was settled on during a secret summit meeting in Washington Aug. 21- 23 among Starr and his top prosecutors.

Imagine that: a prosecutor collecting oral and written evidence.

Well, I hear Starr has another secret strategy. He's going to convict some criminals and put them all in jail. Let the indictments begin.

September 24, 1996
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